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The staff is always so warm and friendly! I feel like part of the family. The dentists are very helpful and personable. They do an excellent job. I have been with this office a very long time and have always appreciated their kindness and expertise!

- Misty L.

Everyone at Dove Dental Group is AWESOME! They made me feel right at home and did at great job of taking care of me! As soon as I walked through the door the girls at the front greeted me with smiles and Jaye and Lucy did a great job on my cleaning! I would recommend Dr. Dove, Dr. Schemmer and all of the girls at Dove Dental to anyone! They Rock!
- Cody H.

Honestly, the staff at Dove Dental are so nice, and respectful. They care about you as a person, and they care about your overall oral hygiene. The staff is extremely friendly!
- Anna G.

Your Guide To Dental Crowns

What Is A Crown And Why Would I Need One?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that fits over your existing tooth. Crowns cover the visible portion of your tooth and help restore its shape, size, strength and overall appearance. Dental crowns can last from 5 to 20 years depending on the material used and how well they are taken care of.

A crown is often needed:

• To hold tooth that has been weakened by decay, trauma or wear. (bridge)

• To restore a broken tooth.

• To cover a tooth with a large filling offering more stability.

• To hold a dental bridge in place or to cover a dental implant.

• To serve as a cosmetic modification such as in the case of a tooth that is discolored or misshapen.

• To help save a tooth that is severely decayed.

• To protect teeth that have had root canals.

What Can I Expect When I Get My Crown?

Getting your crown is relatively a pretty straight forward process and can be broken down into 3 basic steps.

1) Reshape Your Tooth

The first step in the procedure is to reshape your tooth to make room for the crown.

2) Temporary Crown Set

The first step in the procedure is to reshape your tooth to make room for the crown.

3) Permanent Crown Set

After your permanent crown is custom made at the lab, it is sent to your dental office. Your crown will then be checked for a perfect fit and then cemented in place. Crowns can look and feel like natural teeth.

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