Meet the Team

Christina Tasset, Office Manager

Christina started out in the dental field as an assistant and has been in dentistry for 15 years. She enjoys getting to know each of our patients and considers them all a friend. Christina’s favorite type of food is dessert, and she loves to bake. Her greatest blessings are her husband and two daughters. Christina’s favorite color is pink, but she feels like the color blue describes her best as she is dependable, loyal, and trustworthy. Blue is also the color of water, which is her favorite place to be in the summer. When Christina isn’t working, you will find her outside camping, kayaking, boating, or sitting on a beach listening to the sounds of the ocean.

Jaye Andersen, Dental Hygienist

Jaye has been a hygienist since 2005 when she graduated from MSSU. She is an incredible hygienist and truly cares for our patients. Jaye’s favorite color is green, as it represents growth and freshness. If you ask Jaye what she would do on a day designated just for her, she would grab her hubby and a couple of bicycles and take off for a bike ride and end the day with a greasy burger at one of their favorite spots. Jaye loves running and you might just spot her on a sponsored run around town. When Jaye isn’t working, you will find her spending time with her husband and two boys outdoors or traveling across country.

Kloye Crockett, Dental Hygienist

Kloye has been in the dental field 8 years and was a certified dental assistant before continuing her education and becoming a dental hygienist. Kloye loves the color pink but you’ll also spot her wearing something in leopard print as it is her favorite! Kloye and her husband have a couple of dogs and love taking walks with them. They are also adding to their family with a sweet baby girl arriving soon! Kloye cherishes her family time, and when she is not working, you will likely find her at a rodeo watching her nephews or laying out by the pool visiting with family. Kloye loves her patients and her smile is contagious!

Audra Metz, Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Audra has been an assistant for 9 years. She is always a source of energy around the office and is filled with vivaciousness. Audra’s heart is as big as her faith in God, and her heart is truly in everything she does for our patients. If you ask Audra what animal she relates to, she will tell you a giraffe. They have 3 hearts and given their long necks, they always have a higher perspective. Her greatest blessing in life is her son and she loves spending time with him and being outdoors. When Audra isn’t working, you will find her reading her bible or watching one of her favorite movies, The Goonies!

Lucy Compton, Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Lucy has been a dental assistant for 28 years. She always has a warm smile and an ear for listening. The relationships she builds with our patients is loyal and heartfelt. Lucy’s favorite type of food is mexican. If Lucy was given the opportunity to sit down with any one person for dinner, she would choose her husband. Lucy loves her family and her two children, and she loves being outdoors. When Lucy isn’t working, you will find her out and about taking pictures. She is an avid photographer, so be sure to keep an eye out when you visit the office to see several of Lucy’s great pictures on the wall.

TJ Choate, Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

TJ has been a dental assistant for 12 years. She is full of energy and has the ability to talk to anyone. You will never forget TJ! She loves our patients and will treat you like family everytime you walk through the door. TJ’s favorite color is purple, which stands for ambition, creativity, and independence. If you were to give her one day all to herself, she would spend her time pampering herself with a massage, pedicure, manicure, and shopping. She loves spending time with her husband and three boys. When TJ isn’t working, you will find her spending time outdoors camping, kayaking, boating, or sinking her toes in the sand on a beautiful beach.

Shannon Smith, Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Shannon is fairly new to dentistry but has already found her love for it! She loves getting to meet patients and help them achieve that beautiful smile. Shannon’s favorite color is blue because she is bright and fun, but can also be calm in stressful situations. Her greatest blessing is her friends and family who love and support her. If Shannon could have dinner with anyone, she would sit down with Elvis Presley to talk with him about his life and listen to him sing. When Shannon isn’t working, she is spending time with her fiance’. Shannon is a sweet soul and a great addition to our dental family!

Linda Stokes, Patient Care Coordinator

Linda has been in the dental field 52 years. Linda loves the connections and friendships she has made with our patients in the office over the years. If you are a patient at Dove Dental, you are now family to Linda. She is originally from California and still has family there. Linda is as witty as she is kind, and you’ll likely hear us laughing at something she has said. Her favorite animal is the silverback gorilla and if you look closely, you’ll see one guarding her computer screen. Linda’s greatest blessings are her family which include 3 children, 8 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. When Linda isn’t working, you will find her spending time with her family.

Kelsey Soska, Insurance Coordinator

Kelsey is our awesome patient advocate when it comes to their dental insurance. While not everyone enjoys dealing with insurance, it is important to have, and she wants the patients to be able to take advantage of every benefit they can. Kelsey’s favorite color is yellow and it fits her well! She is a very happy-go-lucky person and can find the positive in any situation. Kelsey’s faith is strong and she knows God is taking care of every situation. If she could have any superpower, she would love to be invisible. This would enable her to people watch without getting caught! 🙂 When Kelsey isn’t working, you will find her swing dancing, kayaking, running, or spending time with family and friends.