Meet Your Dove Dental Team

Dr. Steve Dove, DDS

11 years young.  Who knew that at such a decisive age Dr. Steve would decide that being a dentist was both his calling and his passion.  Becoming a dentist has driven Dr. Steve since childhood, and even after attaining his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Missouri in Kansas City in 2012, he still cannot learn enough about the science of smiles.  This is why Dr. Steve spends most of his days off, you guessed it, learning more about dentistry.

So, what makes Dr. Steve so different?  Well, he’d say threefold: primarily, his faith, a guiding force that helps to ensure he makes the best and most ethical decisions regarding his patients and their treatment.  Secondarily, his insatiable desire to be the best at what he does, which is why every year, he spends triple the required amount on continuing education. And Finally, his wife, Dr. Kelly Dove, who not only supports his ambition but shares in it too as she is also a dentist!  

When Dr. Steve is not at the office or studying, he enjoys his church, his family, and competing in area triathlons.

“I want when ‘friends’ (I call them friends because I don’t like calling them patients, they are much more than teeth, gums, and a chart) walk in the door of our office and they think, “There is something special about this place, this place understands me, this place gets me.” We treat you, not a patient.”  -Dr. Steve

Dr. Wesley Schemmer, DDS

Dr. Wesley Schemmer grew up with the small rural town influences of Higginsville, MO.  His hometown dentist had always been a strong role model since childhood, cultivating his interest in dentistry. As his interests developed toward art and science, he chose to pursue a career which was the perfect infusion of the two—dentistry.

Dr. Schemmer received his Bachelor of Science in Biology with honors at the University of Kansas City Missouri. During his undergraduate career, he was part of a chemistry research team which had published works of innovative dental biomaterials, which also had other military orthopaedic applications.

He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the UMKC School of Dentistry, after which he had dedicated the following three years to treating the underserved populations in southern Missouri. Working is his passion, and ensuring that his patients always leave the office with a quality experience is his priority. 

While he enjoys working as much as his hobbies, he loves spending time with his family in Republic and also in his hometown Higginsville. If not with the family, he enjoys an active lifestyle with exercise, sports, religion, reading, and music.

Jaye Andersen, Dental Hygienist

Jaye is an incredible hygienist that truly cares for her patients.  On sunday mornings your can usually find her at church with her husband and two boys.  When she was 10, she wanted to be a ballerina, but we’re awfully thankful she chose dental hygiene instead.  When she isn’t at work, she’s usually found running with her neighborhood buddies or spending quality time with her family

Audra Metz, Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Filled with vivaciousness and care for others, Audra is always a source of energy around the office.  With a heart for others, she routinely volunteers at Miracle League and is actively involved in her church.  She loves spending time with her boys and husband. Favorite pastimes include reading the bible, camping, fishing, and roasting s’mores.

Lucy Compton, Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Constantly busy and an active part of Dove Dental, Lucy has always been a huge benefit to the team.  If any patient ever needs an ear to listen, Lucy’s always there. When she’s not at work, she loves to spend time with her two children and husband.

TJ Choate, Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Full of energy and the ability to talk to anyone, you’ll never forget T.J. Given the opportunity to not be at work, she’d be in the Caribbean enjoying the sand between her toes.  When she was 10, she wanted to become rodeo roping star when she got older; luckily for us, she chose dentistry instead. Some causes that she cares deeply for include: Cancer Research, St. Judes, and Relay for Life

Christina Tassett, Insurance Coordinator

Christina always welcomes those to the office with a warm and genuine smile.  Being outside, enjoying her family, and soaking up warm weather are three things that make her happiest.  She deeply cares about Girl Scouts, and if you don’t see her at Dove Dental, you’ll likely find her volunteering at many of the Girl Scout activities or at a cookie boost outside your favorite grocery store.  She loves helping girls grow in confidence and character and loves seeing the reach their full potential.

Linda Stokes, Patient Coordinator

Linda takes on many tasks within the office, but most importantly she takes care of our patients, and chances are, if you’ve called the office, you’ve likely spoken to her.  When Linda was 10, she wanted to grow to be a nurse; luckily the dental field called her and she’s been taking care of patients every since.