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Bone Grafting Explained

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What If You Don’t Have Enough Bone For An Implant?

In some cases, the amount of current bone isn’t enough for a dental implant to be stable. So bone grafting may be necessary. In many cases, the success of a dental implant is largely dependent on the height, width, and length of your jaw bone (mandible) or upper bone (maxilla).


What Causes Bone To Be Lost?

Trauma – infections or trauma can eat away at your bone and you many not even realize it. These voids often have to be filled with bone grafting.

Tooth extractions – as you know, when a tooth is removed, there is a hole where the tooth once was. Often it is important to consider having that hole filled with bone grafting to help stabilize the area for a future implant

Periodontal disease – this disease eats away at your bone and can cause your teeth to become loose.


What Is The Bone Grafting Procedure?

This surgical procedure takes particles of bone (many times out of a jar) and the dentist places them in the area of a defect under your gums. Then the gums are closed over the defect and the area left to heal over a 2-6 month period.

Occasionally, implant placement can me done in the same appointment as the bone graft.

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