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At Dove Dental Group we care about you and your dental health not only now, but YEARS from now.  That is why we use higher quality materials than many other places that you may see advertised.  

Unlike many “Same Day Denture” clinics that use fast drying materials,  we use a super durable high quality resin that takes a full 24 hours to cure before it is ready for wear.  And by not rushing to complete your denture in just a few hours, the dedicated denture technician we use is able to take his time in treating your new denture like a piece of art.  Carefully crafting your new denture with more care and detail than is allowed in an “assembly line” environment. 

This process give you a much stronger, more natural looking denture.  The cheaper materials often used in quickly made “same day dentures” just simply do not give you the quality and peace of mind that we find our patients are looking for.  

So although you may have to wait a bit longer for your new denture,  you are getting one that is higher quality,  stronger, will last longer over a longer period of time.  And because you are able to go longer before replacing your denture, you are also spending less money over time.

Meet Your Doctors

Dr. Steve Dove, DDS


Board Certified Denist


Missouri Conscious
Sedation Licensed


Advanced Training In:

• General  Dentistry
• Cosmetic  Dentistry
• Implant Dentistry
• Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Wesley Schemmer, DDS


Board Certified Denist


Advanced Training In:

• General  Dentistry
• Cosmetic  Dentistry


Digital X-Rays / Low Radiation Office

The staff is always so warm and friendly! I feel like part of the family. The dentists are very helpful and personable. They do an excellent job. I have been with this office a very long time and have always appreciated their kindness and expertise!

- Misty L.

Everyone at Dove Dental Group is AWESOME! They made me feel right at home and did at great job of taking care of me! As soon as I walked through the door the girls at the front greeted me with smiles and Jaye and Lucy did a great job on my cleaning! I would recommend Dr. Dove, Dr. Schemmer and all of the girls at Dove Dental to anyone! They Rock!
- Cody H.

Honestly, the staff at Dove Dental are so nice, and respectful. They care about you as a person, and they care about your overall oral hygiene. The staff is extremely friendly!
- Anna G.

Get The Smile You Want, Chew Easier And Speak Clearer.

Why Dentures?


Missing teeth can cause you to be embarrassed of your smile. They can make it difficult for you to chew your food and even speak clearly. And without teeth to support the skin on your face, you can even end up looking much older than you really are.

Dentures serve as a replacement for your missing teeth, helping you to restore your beautiful smile. They make it easier for you to speak, eat and give your face the support it needs to keep your skin from sagging. Dentures can be removed and put back into your mouth at home.


What Are The Types Of Dentures?

    •   Full Conventional Denture – A complete denture replaces all of the teeth in your mouth. This is usually fabricated after all teeth have been removed and the gums are healed.
    •  Full Immediate Denture  – This denture is placed into your mouth the day your teeth are removed, bypassing the healing phase needed for the complete denture. However, the initial fit of the denture will change whilst your body heals and the tissue and bone underneath your denture changes.

Partial Denture – A partial denture replaces SOME missing teeth, but anchors or holds on to other teeth that are still present in your mouth. This is a great option for those who have missing teeth, but don’t want to move toward a full denture. There are many different types of partial dentures, some just made out of plastic, some with a metal substructure, and some that are flexible and highly esthetic.



Do Dentures Move Around?

One common complaint with a typical denture is that many people find dentures tend to move around and sometimes fall out when chewing, speaking or laughing. A great remedy to this is to ask us about dental implants and bridges. These may offer you a much more stable alternative to a standard denture.

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